Virtual Lair of Max Klinger, Munich


  I have pretty much financed my studies with teaching, so i taught countless students over the years. Some Material made it here for no very good reason.


  I put my dotfiles here, so that making myself comfy on a new system is easy. Help yourself if you find anything useful. Mainly zsh, tmux, notion, screen, weechat, mpd and mutt.


  Some of my past projects. Other stuff is over at my github.


  Over the years i have accumulated a fair bit of LaTeX and TeX expertise, i have held short talks and written a large body of documents, some of which i put here (the ones, i am not ashamed of).


  Incoherent thoughts about anything not big enough to warrant a page here.


  Feel free to call, write, telepathically communicate.
Email firstname at fs dot lmu dot de
Mobil +4917623317831
Skype max_der_dax
IRC kaste on

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