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I have a rather small one, hard drive that is. This makes it impossible to carry all my music along. On the other hand I am a compulsive listener, meaning i start my day and my music player simultaneously and if I only have the measly little part of my music that fits on my hard drive then i slowly go mad. I put up with this for a while but now this has changed. After considering (and for various reasons disregarding again) PulseAudio, mpd http streaming, two mpds + http streaming, shoutcasting, Network Audio Server, nfs, sshfs+macfuse, scripting + mpd + scp, nc/nc6/socat and fifos as output devices and shoutcasting I finally found something that works quite nicely.





I can now change my location, connect and usually get ipv6; my dns entry gets updated automatically. I then press a media key on my macbook and music starts streaming; everything else is usually just a key press away. I am impressed!


What's left? I haven't tried to make it a one-press solution to forward my audio to the dockstars although that would be even more awesome.


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