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I recently tried and am still trying to understand the dbb format used by Skype to store its events (messages, calls, transfers, ...). If I had found anything close to what i would have needed (extraction of my chat history from the computers of my chat partners) I would have probably been content using the software. So I searched and I found several programs of varying milage: So in the end I quit the search somewhat emptyhanded, curious and with an itch to scratch. I then started my own investigation, resulting in several tools that I wrote to help the investigation and a somewhat more complete picture of the format I think.


I have put together a file with my findings. It only covers the header and is still somewhat sketchy in those parts. I will try to update and expand this as I find the time.


I am in the process of polishing my tools for release and will publish them here.


If you notice any errors or unclear parts in my examination of the skype format please contact me. If you have a patch for the tools great. Just write me a mail: Contact