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I am constantly hacking away at stuff. Procrastinating sometimes gets the better of me. Use whatever you like, if it isn't gpl'ed consider it wtfpl'ed. Most of it was rather one shot and probably not of much use anymore.
If you (ab)use any of this stuff please drop me a line. If you considered something and it doesn't help please tell me what it lacks.

us-altgr-intl keymap

  An almost complete port of the X11 only keyboard variant altgr-intl of the us layout to the TTY.

Distributed media setup

  A minor insanity from the past, almost a musical model, view, controller-Ansatz.

Fortran Control Flow Grapher

  I needed to visualize the control flow of an application I am forced to work on, which unfortunately is written in Fortran77. In order to understand it a little better i wrote a quick Python3 script that produces output suitable for dot. If you have a need for a call graph or control flow visualisation I am sure you can hack this script to do what you need. Other languages are not as trivial i guess but possible. What makes fortran easy is that they use keywords for defining both functions and subroutines, which is not the case for C for example. If you manage to make it work for some other language please drop me a line. Version 0.1


  A project to have custom keybindings for the mac media keys. One of the best ideas i had back when i had a Mac.

Mediawiki Setup

  If you have trouble setting up multiple mediawikis on one host, especially with rewrite rules and mediawiki 1.19, then rest assured, it's not just you, it really is complicated. This guide is meant to help you.

Skype log file format

  I tried to understand the skype log file format once and i think i got further than most. I put what i found here. here.

Impurity Test

  During my stay in Canada the UofA newspaper published their sex issue and the associated Purity Test for the first time. When i got back, we developed our own issue (in German).