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I have been using the altgr-intl variant of the us layout for almost ten years by now. I was even addicted enough that I ported it to MacOSX and Windows once. It is surprising that it took me this long but I guess I don't spend enough time on the console to justify making a layout just for that. However I was really fed up with it last night and finally made one. You can get it here: US - algtr - intl keymap.


You need to put it where your system expects keymaps, this is /usr/share/keymaps/i386 for me, but should be the same across distros I assume. Then you need to issue loadkeys us-altgr-intl and it should work.
However, if you actually want to see the symbols you type, you likely need to use a font that actually covers all the symbols that us intl is able to produce. I use the terminus fonts which are available via setfont ter-118n.

How to make one yourself


I know certain keys (dead accents mostly) that don't work, but that can't be helped as the kernel doesn't seem to support them. Not sure who needs a dead_ogonek anyway, sounds like something to be burried in the yard. If you have any improvements I am happy to put them in. Drop me a line: Contact